Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's in your purse?

Ohh I love these! I'm going to honestly share what's in my purse. You can share too if you're so inclined. You boys can tell me what's in your wallets if you like but it's never as interesting as what's in a "lady's" bag. So let's proceed:

  • camera
  • iPod touch/earbuds
  • 6 shopping receipts
  • 2 pens
  • 15 various membership/reward/credit cards wrapped in a pink broccoli bunch rubber band
  • my business card (Okay, it's not a business card per se, it just has my name and contact info on it. It's to give to people I meet who say "I'll call you... do you have a pen?")
  • tiny container of hand lotion
  • tube of Tide To Go
  • tube of hand sanitiser
  • dental floss
  • kleenex packet
  • small bottle of hand sanitiser (huh that's very OCD of me)
  • another slightly larger container of hand lotion
  • chapstick
  • perfume (sea island cotton)
  • face powder
  • eyeglass case
  • Listerine Pocket Pack
  • 2 containers of dental floss
  • cell phone/mp3 charger
  • bottle of Poo Pourri
  • Ice Breakers gum
  • an extra errm... feminine protection product
  • cell phone
Again my bag seems to be like a magician's top hat. I really need to clean this thing out. I find it odd that I have 2 lotions, 2 dental flosses and 2 hand sanitisers plus gum and a Listerine pocket pack. It seems overly fastidious, doesn't it? And I'm so not. So, you feel like sharing?

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