Friday, July 22, 2016

Don't you love amazing customer service?

So this amazing story of customer service happened and instead of explaining it all, I'll just repost the letter I wrote to their customer service helpdesk. I'm sure people only contact these places to complain so I was happy to write this glowing letter.

General service issues

Karen K <>
21 Jul (1 day ago)

to customerservice

Where do I start?

I was confused about the lip ink colour I wanted so I went to your Facebook page, telling them what I wanted and asking for suggestions. I got a reply within a day and ordered it right away. Wow #1.

I placed an order with you for a red lip stain (fire red) and a black eyebrow liner. On your website it said to expect the package in 6 to 8 weeks. My items arrived today. In 10 days. Wow #2.

Within a day of placing the above order, I got a call (on the telephone!) from a service rep asking if I'd used your products before, and whether I knew what to expect (re: tingling and the multi-step process). We had a laugh and a nice chat and she really knew her stuff and was a pleasure to talk to. Wow #3.

When I eagerly ripped open my packet this afternoon, I saw the lip colour I ordered, the brow liner I purchased and several extras. A beautiful (and I mean freaking gorgeous fuchsia colour that I wouldn't have ordered myself), a small packet of shine moisturiser, an off towellete, some magic powder, and a whole container of Off! I could barely believe my eyes. Wow #4

All this to say that I've never in my life had such good service either online or in person. Keep up the amazing work and I'll for sure tell all my friends about you (more than I already have). I write a blog and I'll definitely mention you there as well. You really are a special company and everyone needs to know this.

Karen K

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

So I'm telling everyone right now, if you want terrific lip colour that doesn't come off (and I mean does NOT come off unless you take it off), Google "Lip Ink International". It is a seriously fantastic product. And if you have errr.... delicate eyebrows like yours truly, you should try the stuff I just got "brow liner". I went dragonboating in it and I still look like Cara Delevingne. Again, you have to use the remover they suggest, or your're sleeping with your eyebrows (sounds like a terrible movie). I feel happy and spoiled by these people.


I'm wearing the fuchsia lipstain and the fake eyebrows. Nice, right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Bluesfest Breakdown

Not literally but there were moments it felt that way.

I saw too many bands in too short a time frame. And speaking of too short... have you seen the denim panties that pass for shorts nowadays? Yikes. It's one thing to have your pockets hanging out in the front but to have your colon practically hanging out in the back is nothing I want to see after having an order of deep fried cheese stuffed Doritos in my belly.

Over the course of 10 days I saw (reviews in brackets):

Holy Fuck (for 5 minutes... ugh)
Brad Paisley (my 1st country show)
Earl Sweatshirt (a profanity laden rapper/ranter)
Lindsey Stirling (neato violinist)
Sam Hunt (Yeah, baby)
Schoolboy Q (no)
Bryan Ferry (classy)
The Lumineers (amazing)
City and Colour (low key)
Amos the Transparent (also low key)
Duran Duran (best of the week. So much energy!)
The Zolas (80s style new music)
The Cult (they rocked but made an unfortunate statement)
leMeow (interesting but meh)
PUP (my favourite of the bands I've never heard of)
The Paper Kites (nice)
The Decemberists (I've heard of them but never saw them live. I liked them!)
AWOLNATION (good band live)
Nelly (Another one that's amazing live)
Alessia Cara (sweet Canadian act)
Billy Idol (I wanted more more more... which is something for a 61 year old geezer)
The Monkees (talk about old geezers... but they were a fun wayback group)
Future (OMG, so good!)
Joe Jackson (another low key act but he was on point)

Just looking at that list makes my stomach turn. And speaking of turning stomachs, this is what I ate over the 10 days (reviews in brackets):

Pad Thai (the only good thing I ate there, and I ended up asking for extra nuts so there's that)
Deep fried Mars bar (sweet on sweet... too chocolatey for me)
Deep fried cheese curds (what's not to like?)
Deep fried cheese stuffed Doritos (Holy crap. That is all. And the sauce? I wanted to bathe in it)
Jamaican patty (the spicier the better and so yummy)
Poutine (x2) (You expected me to stay away from my favourite dish? Twice??)
Pepperoni pizza (hello heartburn. I swear I thought I was having a heart attack. Worth it!)

So general thoughts on Bluesfest. I'll never buy another festival pass. I was seeing bands I didn't care about/know, just so I could justify the nearly $250 per ticket. I hated public transit and being squashed into a metallic tube with dozens of barely dressed teens was not conducive to sanity. I actually lost it and threw a gum filled lollipop while screaming "don't be such an asshole!". I wish I was kidding. Next time I'll just buy a one day pass and leave it at that.

TL;DR: I'm glad I went but I'm equally glad it's over.


Monday, July 11, 2016

A Day in a Life

Once again, I set a phone alarm to go off every hour but clearly the urge to get uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep won out a few times. This was Friday June 24th and you are going to see what a firecracker of a life I lead. Strap in...

Here I am at 11pm, playing a Candy Crush knockoff I can't even remember the name of.

At midnight decided I just *had* to pack for a dragonboat festival. It isn't for another 24 hours but I love make-work projects

1am festivities

Clearly not 2am judging from the sun streaming in. Obviously I missed a few alarms. I'm guessing around 6?


8am... so boring

Finally stirring at 9. I love summer!

Is it 10am? Must be time for a pedicure. One blue foot and one orange foot is my lucky look for dragonboat festivals

11am: Having breakfast and looking out the window with Wesley

Noon grocery shopping jaunt

1pm at the pharmacy

2pm: Still wandering

3pm on the way home with a loaded car

4pm: Groceries away and relaxing with the man of the house

5pm: Decided to bring Rosie out to play

6pm emergency! Audrey came to me practically in tears saying her epipen wouldn't fit in the purse we got her for grad Sunday. We zoomed to the Mall and got this in the first place we looked

7pm: Just making sure I have everything for tomorrow's festival

At 7:30 I asked Audrey to come unload the dishwasher. At 8pm I asked again. Louder.

9pm: I like having my grocery bags in the car so that I don't forget them when I get to the store. They make you pay $.05 for them now and I'm a cheapskate

10pm: Time to make dinner for tomorrow. I won't be home (or in any condition) to cook after paddling all day. Chili is on the menu

11pm: Emergency! Audrey needs advice on eye makeup techniques for prom. Don't worry! Mum to the rescue! I'm thinking darker in the contours...

12am: Multitasking 

1am: Scott and I watch Coronation Street on PVR. Oh Michelle... Why did you have to make out with Will? Steve is *pissed*! 

2am: Definitely loving summer hours. The cat hangs out with me until I fall asleep.

 Wow. Looking back on that, it was a pretty boring day. But you know what? I'd rather have a boring life sometimes than a roller coaster of an existence that you never get a break from. On second consideration, I loved my day and all the "boring" days like it.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My So-Called Life

I have been so busy lately that this is the first time since I posted last that I've even opened this blog to post something. It's great but crazy too. The best way to catch you all up is through photos. Yup, it's going to be another PHOTO DUMP!

Audrey had her last concert of high school. Her head is in "grad land" right now and isn't focusing on much right now. She's probably done playing the flute forever but she has signed up for adult rugby because she enjoys it so much. I'm pretty proud...

My dragonboat team headed to Montreal and scooped up a bronze medal in a 500 metre race

We hatched eggs in our classroom for the 2nd year in a row.


My friend Heather and I ran a mud race

I sat on the bridge of the Enterprise

I got a brand new Galaxy S7. I spent ages customising it (still not done) and  I chose this closeup  of my favourite ukulele for the wallpaper of my text messages

Audrey had her dress altered and thank God it fits

The camera in my new phone takes kick-ass photos

Elliott and I went to see Tommy

We took our class on a forest walk. We tried to Hansel and Gretel them but it didn't stick 

I got to feed a chipmunk

Enjoying our end of the year gifts

We had First Aid training when school was out

At the marina with the family for Father's Day and Audrey's 18th birthday

For her first legal drink, she chose sangria. Didn't like it as much  as the daiquiri she had next!

Dogs and cats lying together... I wouldn't have posted this but up until that day, they have *not* been friends.

Now that school is over, I'm hoping to write more here. We aren't planning a trip and our only big plans are Bluesfest and dragonboat festivals. Perfect. Stay tuned for lots of family craziness mixed with a lot of hardcore relaxation. The next couple of months will be amazing.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Squad Goals

When I had my kids over 20 years ago, I had a plan. To make a little unbreakable posse of true blue friends. Buddies to the end. Three amigos who will have each other's backs until the end of time. Having them 25 and 18 months apart would ensure that. Wouldn't it?

Smash cut to present day. How many times have I asked Audrey what one of her brothers would want for his birthday and gotten a bland stare. Friday Henry went to Montreal to do some kart racing, due back Sunday. Sunday morning I asked Audrey what it was like to have Henry away all weekend and she replied "I didn't even notice he wasn't here" without even looking up from her phone. GAH!

I'd just love it if they'd have each other's backs, you know? Be a gang I can't infiltrate. If Elliott or Henry did something bad, Audrey would narc on them in a hot minute. All this led to the twitter posts between me and  Audrey below.

I still stand by it.


Friday, May 20, 2016


4 to my right, 13 to my left. Why?? Why on earth would you take the elliptical right beside me? Yuck. And why??? I really am baffled here.

I actually am still on the elliptical. I took the photos and everything. Skills, right? Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Comic Con Photo Dump!

I know all these have been on Facebook but, as usual, I'm using my prerogative to post them again. I loved those three days and getting to relive them a few days later is so special. As you all know, my family, friends and co-workers don't really get me. They try, they indulge, but they don't get me. I've started to accept that but it doesn't mean I can't crow about my love for all things nerdy. So here goes...

Hipster Storm was a "closet cosplay" which means I cobbled the whole look from things I already have. Next time I'll get a Starbucks cup with "Ororo" written in it...

"Who ya gonna call?"

My gentlemen companions.

The Enterprise bridge. Yawn.

It's hard to be all blase with my faithful Sherpa around

Heather and I nerd it up

Celebrating Elliott's 20th birthday after the con

Day 2. Costume 2. Breaking out 50s housewife Captain America with my friends from the Capitol Effie and Haymitch

If you'll remember a few years ago, I took care of a little baby. The last home daycare kiddie at my place. This is him as Jimmy Olsen with his daddy Bizarro Superman and friend Lex Luthor

Disney Princess Warriors. So great!

Some kind of fish guy? He looked so good

BB8 and rey

Heather and me in a Civil War

Me and my girlfriend Peggy Carter

Audrey met a friend

Love the Doctor Who cosplayers. This is Madame Vastra

Steampunk beauty. And she told me that *my* costume was great.

I'm so so happy with this! I got Dan Parent, the current Archie artist, to draw a portrait of me! I've been Archified!

This was Effie from the day before, now as Snape. I love cosplayers!

Blurry and tired

Hanging with my ukulele friend Gillian. Two nerd-doms crashing

The Kingpin. He promised not to crush my head in a car door (Daredevil reference)

More Steampunkers. The one on the right was the one in the pink skirt above. I'd love to see her closet.

Last day

From Friday taken by a proper photographer
How much fun was this weekend? I wish that everyone in my life loved this stuff as much as I do. But no matter, Like the subtitle of my twitter states: I have high self esteem. Or at least I fake it till I make it...