Thursday, November 28, 2013

I'm full.

And it isn't even my thanksgiving. I just ate way too much dinner. Who can resist donairs? I certainly can't. Obviously.

So Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends. I indulged in a sympathetic pig-out just for you. Well, that's a lie. I just plain and simple have no will power no matter what day it is.

Our Thanksgiving was a month ago but the good thing about the American one is that tomorrow we have "black Friday" sales with none of the family dinner post traumatic stress disorder. Thank you selfish Canadian consumerism gods who are so afraid of cross-border shopping that they have monster sales on what is essentially just a regular Friday a month before Christmas. I'm off for some deals. An Xbox maybe?


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hanukkah!

It's Hanukkah at my school (well, everywhere that celebrates Channukah Hanukkah Hanuka Chanukka, actually and can I just say that spellcheck accepted all those spellings so I'm leaving them in?), and we are celebrating by doing fun things in my class like making menorahs and playing with flashlights in the dark (you know, festival of lights and all).

Anyway, apropos of nothing... here are pictures of nothing related to the above Jewish festival!

This made me laugh the other night

Idris and me at BUG night (Bytowne Ukulele Group)

We sang that (but I'd never heard it before)

Look what I made!  The second one's thumb was so awful that the mitten looks like a heart

Two Coronation Street actors that I love in a scene together which is as rare as them actually smiling

Audrey and I not looking our best

How every chess game should end

Look at the funny van. Can anyone identify?

They're so cute when they're asleep

Who else makes a croque-en-bouche when they're bored?

This made me laugh

This photo is the embodiment of my summer

One of those photos I can't believe I took, let alone with my crappy iPod camera


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

At 2:01 today...

I was working putting the finishing touches on my class newsletter. I'm proud to say that I was truly just putting the finishing touches on it. It was mostly complete this weekend. Take that procrastination. Note that I artfully photographed it editing out the 15 or so tabs I was running in the background. Heh.


Monday, November 25, 2013

I'm currently wearing a fez.

You heard that right. You see, the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor regularly wears one and Audrey and I just came from a 3D screening of The Day of the Doctor at my local theatre (okay, if local is 20 odd kilometres away) okay, I'm losing the thread. Let me start again.

Back to the fez. About 15 years ago Scott went to Egypt and brought this weird little hat back for me. I never knew what to do with it... it just sat on a shelf until Steven Moffat decided to write one into the script of my favourite programme. I wore it in public for the first time without an ounce of humiliation on my part. I can't say the same for Audrey, however.

Now that the 50th anniversary is over, I hope to be bringing you less Who-centric posts and more stuff about my life and junk. Well, that's the plan, anyway.



Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oops, my geek is slipping again...

I just changed the wallpaper on my iPod. Here is the lock screen:

TARDIS door...

And here it is after it's unlocked...

Bigger on the inside. Get it? iPod? World at my fingertips? The irony is not so much subtle as does hit you over the head with a shovel. Or sonic screwdriver.

I seriously need an intervention.


PS: You know, my family is totally enabling me. This was Audrey's idea.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Google was kind enough to tell me

that today is International Children's Day. You mean it isn't Children's Day every day? And that every holiday (even previously couple-centric Valentine's Day) hasn't skewed toward kids? As a mother, aunt, godmother, great (GREAT)-aunt and a preschool teacher, every second of my life revolves around kids. Exhausting, hilarious, frustrating kids.

I imagine that this holiday observance is more about the plight of children in faraway lands who are starving or forced to be soldiers but if a North American child hears that it's Children's Day, don't tell me their spoiled asses won't be looking for presents under the Children's Day tree.

I just read that back, and it reads like I don't like kids. I do. I really do. They just can't fool me...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

At 2:01 today I was...

Packing my gym bag for tomorrow.

See that red thing? Microfibre towel. Where has it been all my life?

Since September on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I wake up at 5:30am to do a Bootcamp class before work. Then I shower and get ready before I start at 8:30. The number of times I forget something dire like my towel or my bra I can count on one hand because I always pack my bag the day before, very early in the afternoon.

You may call it organised, but I call it absolutely necessary. I really do need 15 hours to mentally pack and repack that bag so my ancient sieve-like brain doesn't let me down like it so badly wants to do. I may be getting older and more loopy, but I'm picking up coping mechanisms along the way like breadcrumbs. i'm not as dumb as I look...



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eight things you don't know about me

Oh Facebook.  All I did was like a friend's post of 12 things I didn't know about her, and then she posted me a number and here we are. Two things go through my mind when faced with things like this. The first is "why waste this blog post gold on a  Facebook status?" and "what don't you already know that I haven't told you in 7 years?" This may be harder than I think.

  1. I knee-jerkingly say I hate country music. I don't. In fact there's a surprising amount on my iPod. I love that new stuff, but I'm also partial to Patsy Cline. I know. right?  
  2. I hate cooking more than I hate cleaning the toilet.
  3. I hate when the phone rings. If I lived alone I'd never even look at the display let alone answer it.
  4. More than anything, the thing I'd most like to change about my body is my shoe size. On what planet is a size 9 foot on a 5'2" person? Failing that, I'd like to grow 5 inches.
  5. I worry that if there's a need for it, I couldn't shovel dig a usable hole.
  6. I just bought Justin Timberlake tickets. Hey, it's supposed to be things you didn't know about me. There was no mention of emotional depth. I bought two tickets for that boy's concert this afternoon.
  7. If left to my own devices I could watch tv uninterrupted from the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I fell asleep at night without being bored. Someday I want to do exactly that.
  8. I lie when I say that someday I want to grow out my hair. I never want to.
There's my eight. It only took me 90 minutes and they're pretty lame. If you really want to know some dishy stuff about me, the archives are on the right. Enjoy.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This is what I read

I love blogs. Other people's blogs are where I get my inspiration. Of course I love a funny blog because that's the way I prefer to be entertained. I don't follow any news or political blogs but I do love lifehacker where you can find great tips on getting the attention of bartenders in a busy club or find you the best cell phone plan. Great, practical stuff.

I collect them all and read them through a website called "feedly". I have to read through my blog feed every day because I follow so many that by the end of even one day I have nearly 100 posts to wade through. It sounds like a lot but it's so much fun. People are so funny and informative that I'm completely addicted.

I haven't read a hard copy book in years.

Anyway, here's a list of all of the blogs I follow. If you write a blog, let me know and I'll follow you. I mean look at this. What's one or two more?

kxx | Under The Influence
Conversation Street
Crash Course in Awesome
HowStuffWorks "Official PopStuff Podcast Page"
Monkey See


BANG BANG! Shots by me.
Bizarro Blog!
blanche's polish hip
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Jew In The City Breaking down stereotypes about religious Jews ...
Melanie Auld Designs Blog
Message With A Bottle
Party of 3
passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) notes
People of Walmart
Postcards from the Mothership
Running from Camera
Sleep Talkin' Man
The Kaye Way
The Mary Sue
The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories
The Sassy Curmudgeon
Through the Halls of Bell HS

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At 2:01 today I

was starting a new project. Why do I do this to myself? Why?? I predict many hissy fits.

It says fingerless mitts but I think I'll learn mittens. If that's the case I'll be swearing a lot. Made with love? Nope. Try anger and frustration.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day for three year olds

So today is Remembrance Day, and I wanted to mark it in my class but without saying anything too heavy, scary or confusing. So this is how I put it at circle time today...

"Today is a day when we think about soldiers. Some of them are really far away making sure people are staying safe and happy. Soldiers can be mummies or daddies or big kids that are away from their families for a long time. Lots of times they go away to places where it's hot, and they are thirsty, and they get sand in their boots. You all know that doesn't feel so good. So on this day we remember that we want the soldiers to stay safe, be comfortable and go home to their families."

I pretty much left it at that because I didn't want to have a start a serious geopolitical discussion with near-toddlers. I'd lose.

Anyway, at 11 o'clock I turned out one of the lights to get their attention and instead of trying to get them to stand at attention (I wouldn't have even tried. Playdough was out...), we sang O Canada as loud as we could. I think the troops would have been okay with that.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Rethinking the squirrel.

Coming out of work today, I saw 2 squirrels trying to eat stuff out of the dumpster. Not that weird, actually until you realize that squirrels are rodents. Honestly, they must have a great PR department because all they need is a shaved tail, and we'd be screaming and running away from the damned things. Think about it...

Huge rat-like creatures cavorting and chasing each other around your local park. Giant toothy mammals climbing trees and stealing from your bird feeder. Imagine them as rats, people. And squirrels are everywhere. Gives you shivers, doesn't it?

Fluffy tail = cute. Shaved tail = vermin.

I don't make the rules, but I'm creeped out by squirrels far more than rats. Granted the only rats I've ever seen were available for purchase, but still. A wild animal that has such free reign of the great outdoors? I'd just keep my eye on them, is all. Their fluffy tails could be a smokescreen to keep you from seeing what they really are. The "cute" and visible face of the rodent conspiracy. You've been warned.


PS: I just re-read this post, and it's completely nuts (I guess that pun was intended). Sorry. Weird day...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The anti-Rob Ford

Many of you have heard about the embarrassing mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford who stoops to lower and lower depths of humiliating behaviour on a daily basis. I won't go through it all here (I couldn't, I'd break the internet) but here's a nice antidote to that ass-wipe's antics.

On my drive in to work this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes when I stopped at a red light in front of a bus stop. Who did I see fishing tickets out of his pocket for the oncoming bus? Ottawa mayor Jim Watson. No entourage (in fact there was no one else at the stop) no fanfare, just a guy with his briefcase on his way to a probably boring public service job.

As I was stopped right in front of him, I rolled down my window and yelled "Hey Jim, do you want a lift?" and he replied "It's okay, it's right behind you!" The light changed, and I drove off.

How cool was that? A normal, regular guy and not at all alcohol or crack addled like some other mayors I could mention. Thank goodness he didn't get into my car, though. The drive to City Hall would have made me crazy late for work.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Did anyone cry today?"

Ever since my kids started school, I've been asking them this question. Here's why:

I learned long ago in ECE training, that when you ask a kid "What did you do today?", the answer almost always will be "Nothing." There's nothing more frustrating than that reply because you'll invariably hear from the teacher that your Little Precious had the most incredible day on the field trip to the airport where an air traffic controller took ill, and your kid had to talk down a fully loaded 747 based only on the flight training he received after too many hours playing fight simulator video games.

But I digress.

Every day I ask the kids several weird and pointed questions in order to make them open up about their school day. Here they are in no particular order:

Did anyone cry today? Dish!
Did the teacher get mad at anyone? Who?
Who made you laugh today? Why?
What was the best outfit you saw? The weirdest?
Did you hear music? When?
Any teen angst? Drama?  (the life event not the class)

Nearly every day I ask those questions and nearly every day I get some really lively dinner conversation. And that's my mum tip of the day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

At 2:01 today I...

was practicing! I have my first lesson tonight, and I'm so excited! Idris and I will be in fine form tonight (I hope)...


Monday, November 4, 2013


That's the year I turned 20. I was still living in Montreal, and it was about a year before I met Scott. I had just been "review boarded" out of college and was trying to come up with a new life strategy. I decided with no pressure at all from my parents who were not at all fed up with my sponging off them without a job or degree in something, to take a degree in Early Childhood Education.

That was a good (if not lucrative) decision on my part.


See how I hold them in my thrall? Mwahaha! The power...