Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Hanukkah!

It's Hanukkah at my school (well, everywhere that celebrates Channukah Hanukkah Hanuka Chanukka, actually and can I just say that spellcheck accepted all those spellings so I'm leaving them in?), and we are celebrating by doing fun things in my class like making menorahs and playing with flashlights in the dark (you know, festival of lights and all).

Anyway, apropos of nothing... here are pictures of nothing related to the above Jewish festival!

This made me laugh the other night

Idris and me at BUG night (Bytowne Ukulele Group)

We sang that (but I'd never heard it before)

Look what I made!  The second one's thumb was so awful that the mitten looks like a heart

Two Coronation Street actors that I love in a scene together which is as rare as them actually smiling

Audrey and I not looking our best

How every chess game should end

Look at the funny van. Can anyone identify?

They're so cute when they're asleep

Who else makes a croque-en-bouche when they're bored?

This made me laugh

This photo is the embodiment of my summer

One of those photos I can't believe I took, let alone with my crappy iPod camera

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