Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Google was kind enough to tell me

that today is International Children's Day. You mean it isn't Children's Day every day? And that every holiday (even previously couple-centric Valentine's Day) hasn't skewed toward kids? As a mother, aunt, godmother, great (GREAT)-aunt and a preschool teacher, every second of my life revolves around kids. Exhausting, hilarious, frustrating kids.

I imagine that this holiday observance is more about the plight of children in faraway lands who are starving or forced to be soldiers but if a North American child hears that it's Children's Day, don't tell me their spoiled asses won't be looking for presents under the Children's Day tree.

I just read that back, and it reads like I don't like kids. I do. I really do. They just can't fool me...

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