Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've got mail!

About a week ago I got a package from London in the mail. It's been ages since I've gotten any personal mail and even though I was expecting it, it was still a charge. Remember when getting a letter (without a window) was a normal occurrence? When seeing a handwritten envelope was an everyday thing?

I know email is an amazing convenience. I don't think I've sent a handwritten letter in 3 years. Not even a Christmas card. Those (if I send them) only get signed with a quick "Happy Holidays!" scrawled inside. But the thrill I got when I saw my name written in pen on the front... it was nearly a squee-worthy moment. I almost felt like I won a prize.

This is the season of cards and update letters so even if you don't send them out, maybe try mailing one letter. A personal one written with pen and paper (typed and printed doesn't count), stuck with stamps and hoofed out to your nearest mailbox (which seems to be further and further from the house every year). It may be one of the cheapest yet most appreciated gifts you can give. Think about it. I've got someone in mind already.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brother can you spare $5000?

Braces. Turns out Henry needs them. Why have these things not come down in price? I had braces in 1979 which set my poor (literally and figuratively) parents back about $5000. Now it turns out I have to shell out nearly the same price for Henry's treatment which will start in January. Ouch! Thank goodness Scott's insurance covers over half of it.

Hey, the kid comes by his bad teeth honestly. Scott's teeth don't meet in the front when he bites down and mine looked like a set of knocked over dominoes before my own braces. And let's not forget the headgear I had to wear to improve my nasty overbite. Even though I had a low grade headache for 5 years and I looked like some kind of Black nerd robot, I thank my parents every day for scrimping and saving for them. It was painful and long but so very necessary. How many times have you seen someone who looks nice then they smile showing a mouthful of terrible teeth? It's awful to admit but it's human nature to judge a person at first glance. For me straight teeth is and absolute a no brainer. I'll live on ramen noodles if I have to in order to pay for whatever dental work the kids need. You can get further in life with a nice smile than you may realise.

*for the record, the below photo isn't Henry... it's just an example*

So anyway, there's that. What's new with you?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movember is nearly over

I tried to get Scott to grow a moustache for the month of November. Men around here do it as a fund/awareness raiser for prostate and other men's cancers. I could never catch him before he took the razor to it as part of his morning routine. Besides, history tells me that after the 20 minutes of novelty wears off, I'd be regretting the allowance of facial hair for the entire month. Here's an example of his playoff beard. I'm reserving comment.

 So to honour all those guys who died of prostate cancer (like Scott's dad) or diagnosed and in remission (like my dad), here are my favourite moustaches:

Tom Selleck rocks his moustache. For him, it's always in style on his face. In fact he looks completely bizarre without it (google it):

Technically this is a goatee, but still, the 'stache part is pretty sweet...

Who doesn't love Ned's "soup strainer?"

Creeeeepy but it suits him...

I had to add Dali. I mean, come on... pretty distinctive.


Lanny Mcdonald

And the explainer of why time flies when you're having fun:

Quite the motley crew, eh? So whether you are moustachioed or not, have a great, safe, healthy Movember. I would have grown mine but the world is not ready to see what my upper lip has to offer. I'm not ready to see what my upper lip has to offer. But I'm with you guys in spirit.


Friday, November 11, 2011

You don't know Jack

This is Scott's dad John (Jack) Kaye.

He served in the RCAF during World War II. He was a bomb aimer and flew in Lancaster Bombers. So very cool.

I'm remembering him today especially, along with all the other soldiers who fought in every war ever. Thank you so very much, Jack.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You know what makes me happy?


I went to Starbucks the other day and the barista gave me a ceramic mug.

It was a little thing but isn't it nice to drink out of one rather than a paper cup with a lid? She didn't even ask me if I was staying. She probably noticed that I barged in and obnoxiously put my coat down on a chair to claim a table before I joined the line-up, but still. It sure made my chai tea latte taste a whole lot better, that's for sure. And it put a smile on my face for the entire day. And just to let you know, I later paid it forward by giving up my seat on the bus to someone who came in with a friend and they wanted to sit together. I love when this stuff happens.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm so lucky

I spent a little time on Facebook examining my friends' pages. I went to school with a lot of successful people. A couple of jobbing actors, a radio personality, and even a national news anchor. I have friends who've travelled the world and friends who live abroad in really wonderful places. Places I've always wanted to visit let alone live.

At first I felt kind of jealous looking at the photos of all my friends with really amazing lives and even better stories. Then I snapped out of it and realized how lucky I am. I have a great husband, (usually) fun, healthy kids, a great house, a nice job, a car and tons of shoes. So what if we don't have a pool or a maid? Who cares if we can only afford to holiday together every couple of years? We crack each other up, we like each other's company (and that's saying a lot what with a 15 year old boy in the mix) and we always have each other's backs. And that's what's important, right?

That and maybe having that maid...