Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Full disclosure

Okay, I'm publicly admitting it. I like country music. It all started about the end of last year when a radio station I really enjoyed (80s 90s and Whatever) switched to country overnight. My lazy ass refused to change my car presets so country it was. And what do you know? I liked it. I really kinda liked it.

To be honest, I was sneakily listening to country every so often since Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich came out in 2005. I've had 2 or 3 country songs on my iPod playlist ever since.

One of my favourites has been Florida Georgia Line's Round Here. In the song, they mention Fireball Whiskey. After a while, my curiosity sent me to Google where I found out that it's cinnamon flavoured whiskey. My first instinct was along the lines of yuck and gross. Then today at the liquor store while waiting in line with my 3 bottles of wine (heh), I saw a mickey of the stuff. "What the heck?", I thought. I bought it.

All that to say that I found my new favourite drink. I may like it better than water. Don't judge me.


Notice how much I drank already. On a school night. Just sayin'

Monday, April 13, 2015

FINALLY a nice day, and this happens

I was dying (and I'm not kidding here... literally figuratively dying) to do stuff outside. I've been suffering from cabin fever from the months of freezing weather. Today the weather was glorious. Absolutely amazing after so many crappy, cold days. The forecast for today was to be 20C and all sun.

I was so excited. I got Scott to tune up my bike yesterday afternoon. I packed a knapsack and picked out my clothes before I went to bed. I went to sleep at 10 so I could be full of energy. I even went to my maps app and plotted my route. It would take 20 minutes it said. Perfect.

I like getting to work at around 8 to get my classroom set up for the day so I left this morning at 7:25. I put the school key in the front pocket of my bag so I could open the door. After all, I'd be there before everyone else. Right?

Wrong. The ride started off great but when I hit the bike path was when things took a turn. Or should I say went uphill. I swear the hill was 45 degrees and about a kilometre long. And you know how the most satisfying part of a hill is the down? Well not today. The down was about eight feet down to a red traffic light at the "bottom". Boo. The rest of the ride was at a steady upward grade that I could barely see but my legs and heart sure did. Plus it was on busy freaking streets because the path ran out. Ugh. And where the hell did that crazy wind come from?

By the time I got to work, I was sweaty and bedraggled. I was hot, tired and my legs were water. My heart was beating out of my chest and it took me 15 minutes to catch my breath. Oh and did I mention it was nearly 8:15? It was nearly 8:15. It took me over 45 minutes to go what takes 7 minutes in the car.

I spent the rest of the day whining and complaining about that ride and dreading the ride back. A parent even offered me a ride home and several co-workers (hi Chelsey and Heidi!) suggested I just leave the damned bike at work and bus it home, picking up the stupid thing tomorrow and throwing it in the back of the car.

But nope. I knew that the ride would be downhill most of the way (and it was actually kinda fun to ride the brakes nearly the whole way back) so I put on my big girl panties and went. It only took me 30 minutes this time and as I lay in the grass in my front yard, collapsed with exhaustion, I knew that this bike ride was never to be repeated.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well, this happened.

I came on here ready to regale you with a humourous take on the time I got fired from my favourite job (besides teaching). I was the receptionist at a place that sold promo items like printed hats and pens. Then they started to ask me to do billing for which I was both unprepared and totally unqualified. I tanked and had to be escorted off the premises by a security guard. But not before I shamefully and tearfully whined and begged the boss not to fire me a month before Christmas. I was never, ever more humiliated than on that day. Anyway, that's beside the point.

The point is that I was thinking about that a lot today and wanted to share that with you. So I rushed home and sat down here at the computer then realized... that job loss was years ago. Maybe I mentioned it already. And sure enough I punched in "fired" in the search bar and there it was. So all that is to say that you now know everything there is to know about me. I have nothing new to say.

**Drops the mike**


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