Tuesday, October 30, 2012

At 2:01 today I was...

contemplating cleaning out the fridge.

I ended up grabbing a pear and a BonBel and shutting the door. Maybe tomorrow...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

At 2:01pm today, I

was performing the enviable task of cleaning cat puke off my bedroom floor. Thanks for the gift, Tazzy. I can hear you all now... "Stop effing posting about your glamourous life, Karen. You're making us all green." To that I reply, never.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

My dad is in Dominica right now

That's not the point of today's post (and for those of you not aware of my family history it's Dominica (do-min-EE-ca), nothing to do with, not pronounced like or anywhere near the Dominican Republic). Very few people have heard of it, let's move on...

So my dad is there visiting family and again I have to bring up his travel and accommodation plans.

First, he left for the airport on the red-eye. No problem booking a cheaper 6am flight but there is a problem with how he got to the airport. Driving a good friend to the airport is the test of a friendship at the best of times. Driving your neighbour to the airport for 4 o'clock in the blessed am is just not on. The guy who lives next door actually drove my dad and his wife to the airport at that ungodly hour. And he had to work the next day. Well, later that day. Who does that? Would you even ask? I will mention that he's Portuguese only to explain this point... I think the willingness to do this is a combination of age and ethnicity. I asked Scott if his dad would have ever asked or offered the airport run to someone who he only spoke to to pick up his mail while away and the bark of laughter made the cat jump off the couch.

Next, he's on this trip for 3 weeks. "Wow!", you think. "Three weeks in a hotel must cost a fortune! The Kayes must be loaded!". You're so wrong. Because he's staying at his sister-in-law's house. To clarify, his brother passed away 5 years ago. And before you think what your're thinking (dirty minds), he's staying there with his wife and just... well, ick. The problem is just staying nearly a month with someone you don't really know all that well and haven't seen in ages. Wouldn't it be every kind of imposition there is? Seriously, I'd be hard pressed to offer my house for 3 weeks even if I was out of town.

Does that make me mean? Am I a bad friend? Personally I think that a little distance keeps a friendship fresh. I mean how can they miss you if you won't go away?


Thursday, October 4, 2012

So I'm going to write my autobiography

Okay, that's not true. You actually have to do interesting things to warrant an autobiography but I was thinking about what the title would be, as you do. Also, who would play me in the inevitable movie adaptation (Jada Pinkett-Smith and co-incidentally wouldn't the whole family come out to watch her work on the very same day I go out to see the filming and Will and I would talk and... where was I? Oh yes, the autobiography...).

So I was thinking that the title would be cheeky yet reverential and wise. Like "Karen: The Untold Story of a Woman, Her Life and Loves". Too much? I agree I went a bit overboard with that one. I may have my own blog but I'm not that creative right off the bat. It took me years to come up with an email address that was more interesting than karen.kaye@whatever.com. Plus, I've had a very short life (so far) with laughably few "loves". And of course this blog makes it difficult to come up with anything "untold". You guys even know about the most humiliating episode in my recent memory. And I can't believe I just linked to it. Again. You know what? Yes, I can.

So anyway, the crux of today's blog is, well, I have no idea. I was having a blank spell and the resource I use for bloggy ideas said to "write the first line of your autobiography". Then all this happened. Yup.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At 2:01 yesterday I was...

... well, actually I was er... peeing. But when I came out of the bathroom, this was what greeted me.
Nice, eh? Scott took me out to Perth for a pub lunch for no reason. We had emu burgers (not a typo) walked around, went to some antique shops then came straight back home. Sweet day with a sweet guy. These are some of the perks when neither one of you works full time.