Tuesday, July 31, 2012

At 2:01 today I was...

Having a wonderful gab session and catch-up with Sydney, one of my oldest friends. And before you say anything, she's not that old (hee!).

She lives in Dubai but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, we're still pretty closely in touch. At 2:01 on this gorgeous afternoon, we were enjoying cider, poutine, and asparagus dip on the patio of an Irish pub. A slice of heaven.

Thanks for a great visit, Syd! I love reminiscing about choreographing killer backup singer moves in your apartment. Was it really over 20 years ago? Yikes!

Safe trip home and remember I'm holding your stories hostage until I see you again!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Gaaahhh... I can't concentrate

The Olympics! I'm completely obsessed. The weather has been gorgeous and where have I been? Camped out like a hermit in front of the tv. Funny that I'm watching the pinnacle of youth and athleticism sitting on my couch, in my underwear, eating chips and drinking plenty of hot tea. I was actually grouchy that I had to tear myself away from my couch depression to go to dragonboat practice last night. Of course while I was there I talked about it non stop to all those who actually were outdoors and didn't watch.

Now I have men's gymnastics, women's equestrian, men's judo and women's weightlifting on all at the same time. My poor tiny brain. I need another tv. I don't even know what my favourite sport is. I just love it all. And regardless of the gold medal winner, every time they show the podium ceremony, I get misty. The whole thing is completely wonderful.

I love when a tiny country or a country with very few athletes wins something or does something surprising. I just watched flipping Mongolia win a bronze medal in judo. Mongolia, people. Do they even have summer? You can't make this stuff up.

And just a quick gripe: I have access to NBC to watch the games but I gave up on them about halfway through the opening ceremonies. I'd already seen it anyway but it was a bit too rah-rah "USA all the way" for me. Plus I prefer to see the events live (I have my clock set for 5:30am Wednesday for the men's 8 rowing final) and I really like all the events. Even the ones where Canada doesn't field an athlete. I find that the events without an American chance for gold aren't shown. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested in watching weightlifting and handball. Or maybe I am...

No will you please let me get back to it? Kayaking and gymnastics won't watch themselves...


Thursday, July 26, 2012

My new parking spot.

Running errands is usually a boring prospect but today at Sobeys I found a parking spot close to the door. Ordinarily the spot is reserved for pregnant women only and the little sign in front says so but surely the giant painted graphic on the ground supersedes any paltry little sign.

So according to the rather large graphic, this is the poochy bellied, large breasted women's parking spot so excuse me while I load my groceries in complete and utter convenience.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You know what I don't miss?

The old days when I'd start a conversation with a friend with the words "you know what...?" and they'd immediately say... "let me guess, you're pregnant, right?" This is what happens when you're with child for 3 of 4 years in a row.

Yeah, I really don't miss those days.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

at 2:01 today I...

Was taking a break from one of our field trips. Today we were at Saunder's Farm where they have tons of cool mazes to lose yourself in for a few hours. At 2:01 today we were having a french fry break. Who doesn't love fries?


Monday, July 23, 2012


I've talked about it to death on Facebook and in person and I realized I hadn't blogged about it so here I go. Audrey and I saw the show Wicked on Saturday. I had heard a lot about it but never had the chance to see it. It was super expensive, but oh hell, was it worth it. The show made The Wizard Of Oz movie seem like a poorly thought out sequel. The show explains everything. Where the witches came from, how the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion came about and even where the rogue cyclone sprang from that sent Dorothy's house flying. Why the broom, hat and outfit, the ruby slippers... everything. So, so great! Okay, I'm done.

Let's see... what else happened this past week? I had a few dragonboat practices... well, they ended up being outrigger canoe paddling since we never seem to have enough people and we didn't want to waste the trip. Beautiful weather for being on the water, though.

I baked some cupcakes and challah to take to my sister-in-law's cottage because we were going up and you can't show up and sit around people's beaches without treats.

I had a great experience at the Apple store when I told them I lost the little silicone thingies on the ends of my earbuds and after saying there was nothing they could do since they don't sell them separately, my new best friend Ashraf went to the back and gave me a set. Gratis. The tight squeeze he got in the middle of the busy store was a surprise to both of us and a colossal embarrassment to Audrey. What could I do? I'm a hugger.

I went to the local reptile zoo and held some of their precious specimens. Check this out...

And last but not least, I organised my shoe closet. Yes, I have a shoe closet. I had previously just had the shoes in their boxes with a photo of what's inside on the front. Because the boxes were different sizes, it was precarious and frankly, a mess because of the shoes that didn't come in boxes that were strewn everywhere. Costco to the rescue! They had 12 clear bins for $17.99 and after a bit of calculating, I walked out of there with 4 sets. They're not all one pair to a bin, mind, squashy shoes like my Toms, water shoes and flipflops are roomies but they're not crammed in. And I can see them all. Taking the ones from the bottom is a cinch too since the bins are light so I can just lift the column up and slide out the ones I want. Can you tell I'm ridiculously proud of this? And just to clarify, the photo isn't of all the shoes. There's another small closet above that looks the same.

So what was your week like?


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

At 2:01 Tuesday I was...

Driving Audrey to the Salvation Army. I was planning to leave her there but she wasn't having it. Actually, we were looking for cheap t-shirts to transform into cool new tops from this book. The day was supposed to be all about fun summer crafts with my daughter.

This photo was taken after we bought 4 tees but before our car inexplicably stopped working. Thankfully it wasn't moving at the time but parked at one of our many stops. I put the key in and the radio came on and nothing else. Just that sad "tick" sound that meant we weren't going to be making t shirts that day.

We called Scott who called a tow. The guy came in only 45 minutes (that was sarcasm) and gave us a boost. After that, we lost the will to live make tee shirts and just watched tv for the rest of the afternoon. We actually made those t shirts (2 each) this afternoon so yesterday wasn't a total wash.

How's your week going?


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Awww look what I just found!

So apparently I talk to my preschool class a LOT about dragonboating. One day, through no prompting of my own, they had made the block area into a dragonboat. I was so delighted and flattered!

Here they are in mid-paddle:

And here the "paddlers" are getting instructions from the "drummer" and believe me, she's just as bossy looking as real drummers can be!

God, I love my kids! And truth be told, even though I get the summer off, I kinda miss them. Shhhh!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At 2:01 today I...

Was just about to make a roasted veggie sandwich with mozzarella. Later I plan to read then head off to dragonboat practice. So how's your summer going?

Today's dragonboat practice tonight should be interesting and a little scary. I'm going to a steering clinic. I don't know how many times we've showed up to practice and one of our two steerspersons haven't been there. When that happens, we just go home or take out an outrigger canoe but it's just not the same. So I thought I'd face my fear of standing up in moving vehicles (buses included) and give it a shot. Wish me luck!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

At 2:01 today I...

Was at the post office. I was about to send a package to my "niece" (her mum is like a sister to me) in London. As is my wont, I'm sending it too late for it to arrive in time for her birthday at the end of the month. So I spent nearly the equivalent of the package contents on shipping. Oh well! I'll still make a little girl happy (I hope...)