Monday, July 30, 2012

Gaaahhh... I can't concentrate

The Olympics! I'm completely obsessed. The weather has been gorgeous and where have I been? Camped out like a hermit in front of the tv. Funny that I'm watching the pinnacle of youth and athleticism sitting on my couch, in my underwear, eating chips and drinking plenty of hot tea. I was actually grouchy that I had to tear myself away from my couch depression to go to dragonboat practice last night. Of course while I was there I talked about it non stop to all those who actually were outdoors and didn't watch.

Now I have men's gymnastics, women's equestrian, men's judo and women's weightlifting on all at the same time. My poor tiny brain. I need another tv. I don't even know what my favourite sport is. I just love it all. And regardless of the gold medal winner, every time they show the podium ceremony, I get misty. The whole thing is completely wonderful.

I love when a tiny country or a country with very few athletes wins something or does something surprising. I just watched flipping Mongolia win a bronze medal in judo. Mongolia, people. Do they even have summer? You can't make this stuff up.

And just a quick gripe: I have access to NBC to watch the games but I gave up on them about halfway through the opening ceremonies. I'd already seen it anyway but it was a bit too rah-rah "USA all the way" for me. Plus I prefer to see the events live (I have my clock set for 5:30am Wednesday for the men's 8 rowing final) and I really like all the events. Even the ones where Canada doesn't field an athlete. I find that the events without an American chance for gold aren't shown. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested in watching weightlifting and handball. Or maybe I am...

No will you please let me get back to it? Kayaking and gymnastics won't watch themselves...


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