Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I still love ukulele, I really do

But I have so much trouble leaving the house once I get home from work. It doesn't help that I was up at 5:15 this morning to work out, then headed straight to work where I hit my 10,000 step target at 10:42 this morning. After work I went straight to the chiropractor who told me that my sore shoulder is tendinitis. He told me that I should "stay off it" for a week and ice it. Now how do I reconcile that with the mandatory testing I have to do Sunday? Especially when all 4 exercises at said testing involves repetitive shoulder nonsense? Fuck.

Anyway, all that to say that I skipped ukulele night yet again. Second month in a row. I hate parking (2 out of 5 times I get a ticket), it's 20 minutes away, it's cold outside, I can't go in my jammies and they song I want to perform is just a smidge too high for me. So when I got home, I just couldn't leave again. I love going, I hate getting there.

Next month, I promise.

kxx (I really do love it, I swear)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!

Enjoyed my holidays, thanks for asking. I went to Montreal to visit my daddy...

On New Year's Eve, I did a 5K called The Resolution Run pretty much just because they give out a fleece instead of a tshirt (I need to rethink my motivations)...


...and after. Look at the frost on my lashes. It was freezing!
I bought 2 pairs of shoes... well, actually just one, The other was a teacher appreciation gift from my school...

This was the appreciation gift...

No, *this* is the appreciation gift!
And today is the one year anniversary of me being a dog person. Well, a Westie person. Well, a Wesley person. I'm still cool to other dogs because mine is the best dog in the entire world. Sooo...

He picked this toy himself on a trip to PetSmart...

I made this with 2 of his raw patties, mashed potato frosting and carrots for decoration

Looka dat face!
So yes, I've had a great first few days of 2017. What about you? I have a few resolutions, too. I plan to (internally) say "be nice" before I speak. I find that I've been getting more and more sarcastic and negative in my old age so to stave it off, I thought I'd think for a split second before I open my mouth. It should last a hot minute.

I also plan to cook more. I've been letting the family fend for itself for a majority of the year's dinners so I thought I'd go back to making meal plans. I'm set for dinners until the end of February, y'all!

Oh, and I resolve never to use "y'all" in this blog again.