Monday, April 29, 2013

What's new?

Okay, that was weird... as I typed the title, someone said "what's new" on tv. Spooky. I'd like to say that was a sign that this post is going to be incredibly insightful but that would be an assumption on my part that you've never read this blog before. In short, it ain't gonna be.

So, what's new in my life you ask?

  • Archie. Man, that cat is adorable. I've talked enough about her. So here's a bunch of photos!

  • I started watching and loving The Voice. Are you kidding? How much fun is this show? Why has no one ever told me to watch it before?
  • Doctor Who. yes, you all know I love the show but did you know I haven't been loving this part of the season? At least until this last episode Journey to The Centre Of The TARDIS. How can I put this? Holy shit.
  • Work is not new, I'm still at the preschool. But I laugh every day at that place. This morning I walked past the office and saw 4 of my co-workers belting out Aerosmith's "Don't want To Miss a Thing". After about 5 seconds of wondering whether or not I was still sleeping, I joined in. I love my job.
  • I watched the new reboot of All My Children this afternoon. Twice. I like it but they aged all the little kids to teens/adults and my old lady brain couldn't keep those whippersnappers straight. I plan to try again tomorrow.
  • Dragonboat practice starts tomorrow!
So that's pretty much it for new stuff. It actually is pretty great that nothing earth-shattering has happened. I just like to plod along with life at varying, yet safe, speeds. It makes for less stress than if I was ricochetting fromexcitement to excitement willy-nilly. That said, I like to live vicariously through my friends at work, often asking what fun, cool "single girl" things they got up to on the weekend. Why do they usually say "nothing"? I know there's fun to be had when I'm not around...


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mmmm rolls...

I work out so I can excuse the ridiculous amount of eating I do. I love food so much. That said, I'm obese according to the assholey BMI, a tool that if it was a person would be considered to be a bully. Check it out using this link. Throw in my info, 5'2" and 172lbs. Then look at me in this photo taken in November. Yes, I can stand to lose a few pounds but really? OBESE? Not even I think so. Thank goodness I don't take it too seriously. Plus calling myself obese makes me laugh. Especially while gazing lovingly and pridefully at my marathon, trialation, dragonboat and Spartan Race medals.

I work out a lot. I run on my treadmill, do varying amounts of pushups plus use that big ball 5 mornings a week, then I hit my gym at work 4 afternoons a week where I use the elliptical machine or stepper and free weights. In the spring I'll start biking to work and a few weeks after that dragonboat practice starts up again. Just typing that makes me tired but I have to have my Doritos on Saturday nights so I do it.

So anyway, I decided to try the rowing machine at the gym last week. I loved that thing but I may never get on it again. Why? Because when I hit that forward motion, I see more rolls than at Thanksgiving dinner. I know, I know, it's shallow but there it is. Hey, I do other exercisy things and I'm not getting skinny anyway so what's to miss?


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Okay, so this happened.

I don't want to be that person (again) but it's the reason why I haven't blogged in a while.

We had to put our wonderful, gorgeous cat Taz to sleep on the day after Valentine's. Awful, awful day. We waited as long as we could stand (seeing him in corners, opening the door to let him in, never putting his food away) until we cracked last Friday.

I've spent days in a black hole of kitty love photographing and baby-talking with our new little furball. Her name was Angel at the shelter but we changed it to Archie. Before you say anything, we tried a zillion names but for some reason the name of a adolescent, two-timing teenaged boy is the one that stuck. What are you going to do?

Let me sing the praises of our local animal shelter for a moment.  It's the perfect way to "shop" for a cat. The only way that should be allowed. They have what they call "cat condos"-- rooms where just a few cats at a time wander freely. You can go in these rooms and interact with the cats for as long as you want. A guy I talked to said he was having a bad day and was just there for "therapy" not to take one home. There are chairs where you can sit and watch the cats play or pick them up to see whether or not they like being handled. This way you aren't stuck with a "crappy" cat because the only interaction you had with them at the pound was sticking your finger into its tiny cage. I carried Archie (and her friends) around for an hour before I inexplicably started crying with her in my arms and thus the decision to take her home was made.

So there it is. We have a new family member and she is amazing.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

At 2:01 today I...

Was having a conversation with Scott. Nothing as stimulating as the last time but still pretty exciting for our family. Something that'll change our lives for at least the next decade. We were deciding which day this week we are going to the animal shelter to choose a new feline member of the Kaye family. We decided on Friday.  Woohoo! Fingers crossed that our newest furry family is waiting for us that day.


Monday, April 8, 2013


Scott and I were discussing the word "weirdo" the other night. Don't ask, just know we've been married 20 years and this is what passes for conversation after all the getting to know you stuff has dried up. Realise that there is literally no story one of us can tell the other that we haven't heard before. Chilling, am I right?

Anyway, we noticed that if you are strange, you are a weirdo but no other word does that. If you are a sweet person, you aren't a kindo and if you are always falling down, you aren't a clumsyo. Then we just cracked each other up for 20 minutes putting "o" endings on adjectives.

I'm starting to think this post may be more a treatise on long-term marriage rather than semantics...


I don't know why I find this photo so hysterical but I do. I'm currently in tears as I type this. All I did was Google "cat weirdo"...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Pictures

As you know it's been a while since I've blogged on a regular basis. When I first started The Kaye Way in 2006, I blogged every weekday. The way it works with me is that I need to establish a habit either daily or weekly so that things get done. That said, I promise to try to write more, if not for you, for me. Actually it's more for me since when I wrote everyday there were a lot of posts about nothing and complete babbling gibberish (don't bother following most of those links... those posts are oooold).

So anyway, in an effort to make you all love me again, and pump up my readers (I'm down to about 30 readers a day from nearly 100... thanks for hanging in there) here's an intimate portrait of me. Okay, not really but here's a bunch of photos the internet told me would be fun for me to share. You can be the judge of that. Oh, and keep in mind that I ran around and took these in about 7 minutes with the flashless camera on my shitty iPod so there wasn't much thought put into lighting, composition or content...

Take a picture of:

1. Something not many people know you own

You all know how much of a Doctor Who fan I am but did you know that this is my favourite toy and my 2013 diary?

2. What you are eating/drinking right now

Nothing but I am making burgers and fries for dinner. Healthy.

3. The book you're reading now

Lord help me. I do read books, really I do...

4. Favourite piece of jewellry or clothing

Long story about this but I made it in grade 9 out of my mother's old 60's dress

5. Your favourite picture on the wall

My wedding photo. I love our faces and looking at it makes me go right back to the day. Plus I had hair.

6. Your current desktop background

No surprises here.

7. Your favourite thing that you own

It's my iPod. And yes, I'm painfully aware of how that looks.

8. Your favourite CD

Who has CDs anymore? Anyway, I currently can't get enough of this record, cd, mp3, music .

9. The inside of your closet

Shoes up top, shirts down below. Pants and dresses are in a separate closet. I kinda like Converse.

10. The inside of your purse

That's a deep, deep chasm, there...

So that's me for today. I'l going to try my level best to write another, more illuminating post tomorrow. Well, another, anyway...