Monday, April 8, 2013


Scott and I were discussing the word "weirdo" the other night. Don't ask, just know we've been married 20 years and this is what passes for conversation after all the getting to know you stuff has dried up. Realise that there is literally no story one of us can tell the other that we haven't heard before. Chilling, am I right?

Anyway, we noticed that if you are strange, you are a weirdo but no other word does that. If you are a sweet person, you aren't a kindo and if you are always falling down, you aren't a clumsyo. Then we just cracked each other up for 20 minutes putting "o" endings on adjectives.

I'm starting to think this post may be more a treatise on long-term marriage rather than semantics...


I don't know why I find this photo so hysterical but I do. I'm currently in tears as I type this. All I did was Google "cat weirdo"...

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