Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mmmm rolls...

I work out so I can excuse the ridiculous amount of eating I do. I love food so much. That said, I'm obese according to the assholey BMI, a tool that if it was a person would be considered to be a bully. Check it out using this link. Throw in my info, 5'2" and 172lbs. Then look at me in this photo taken in November. Yes, I can stand to lose a few pounds but really? OBESE? Not even I think so. Thank goodness I don't take it too seriously. Plus calling myself obese makes me laugh. Especially while gazing lovingly and pridefully at my marathon, trialation, dragonboat and Spartan Race medals.

I work out a lot. I run on my treadmill, do varying amounts of pushups plus use that big ball 5 mornings a week, then I hit my gym at work 4 afternoons a week where I use the elliptical machine or stepper and free weights. In the spring I'll start biking to work and a few weeks after that dragonboat practice starts up again. Just typing that makes me tired but I have to have my Doritos on Saturday nights so I do it.

So anyway, I decided to try the rowing machine at the gym last week. I loved that thing but I may never get on it again. Why? Because when I hit that forward motion, I see more rolls than at Thanksgiving dinner. I know, I know, it's shallow but there it is. Hey, I do other exercisy things and I'm not getting skinny anyway so what's to miss?

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