Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Pictures

As you know it's been a while since I've blogged on a regular basis. When I first started The Kaye Way in 2006, I blogged every weekday. The way it works with me is that I need to establish a habit either daily or weekly so that things get done. That said, I promise to try to write more, if not for you, for me. Actually it's more for me since when I wrote everyday there were a lot of posts about nothing and complete babbling gibberish (don't bother following most of those links... those posts are oooold).

So anyway, in an effort to make you all love me again, and pump up my readers (I'm down to about 30 readers a day from nearly 100... thanks for hanging in there) here's an intimate portrait of me. Okay, not really but here's a bunch of photos the internet told me would be fun for me to share. You can be the judge of that. Oh, and keep in mind that I ran around and took these in about 7 minutes with the flashless camera on my shitty iPod so there wasn't much thought put into lighting, composition or content...

Take a picture of:

1. Something not many people know you own

You all know how much of a Doctor Who fan I am but did you know that this is my favourite toy and my 2013 diary?

2. What you are eating/drinking right now

Nothing but I am making burgers and fries for dinner. Healthy.

3. The book you're reading now

Lord help me. I do read books, really I do...

4. Favourite piece of jewellry or clothing

Long story about this but I made it in grade 9 out of my mother's old 60's dress

5. Your favourite picture on the wall

My wedding photo. I love our faces and looking at it makes me go right back to the day. Plus I had hair.

6. Your current desktop background

No surprises here.

7. Your favourite thing that you own

It's my iPod. And yes, I'm painfully aware of how that looks.

8. Your favourite CD

Who has CDs anymore? Anyway, I currently can't get enough of this record, cd, mp3, music .

9. The inside of your closet

Shoes up top, shirts down below. Pants and dresses are in a separate closet. I kinda like Converse.

10. The inside of your purse

That's a deep, deep chasm, there...

So that's me for today. I'l going to try my level best to write another, more illuminating post tomorrow. Well, another, anyway...


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