Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brother can you spare $5000?

Braces. Turns out Henry needs them. Why have these things not come down in price? I had braces in 1979 which set my poor (literally and figuratively) parents back about $5000. Now it turns out I have to shell out nearly the same price for Henry's treatment which will start in January. Ouch! Thank goodness Scott's insurance covers over half of it.

Hey, the kid comes by his bad teeth honestly. Scott's teeth don't meet in the front when he bites down and mine looked like a set of knocked over dominoes before my own braces. And let's not forget the headgear I had to wear to improve my nasty overbite. Even though I had a low grade headache for 5 years and I looked like some kind of Black nerd robot, I thank my parents every day for scrimping and saving for them. It was painful and long but so very necessary. How many times have you seen someone who looks nice then they smile showing a mouthful of terrible teeth? It's awful to admit but it's human nature to judge a person at first glance. For me straight teeth is and absolute a no brainer. I'll live on ramen noodles if I have to in order to pay for whatever dental work the kids need. You can get further in life with a nice smile than you may realise.

*for the record, the below photo isn't Henry... it's just an example*

So anyway, there's that. What's new with you?

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