Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movember is nearly over

I tried to get Scott to grow a moustache for the month of November. Men around here do it as a fund/awareness raiser for prostate and other men's cancers. I could never catch him before he took the razor to it as part of his morning routine. Besides, history tells me that after the 20 minutes of novelty wears off, I'd be regretting the allowance of facial hair for the entire month. Here's an example of his playoff beard. I'm reserving comment.

 So to honour all those guys who died of prostate cancer (like Scott's dad) or diagnosed and in remission (like my dad), here are my favourite moustaches:

Tom Selleck rocks his moustache. For him, it's always in style on his face. In fact he looks completely bizarre without it (google it):

Technically this is a goatee, but still, the 'stache part is pretty sweet...

Who doesn't love Ned's "soup strainer?"

Creeeeepy but it suits him...

I had to add Dali. I mean, come on... pretty distinctive.


Lanny Mcdonald

And the explainer of why time flies when you're having fun:

Quite the motley crew, eh? So whether you are moustachioed or not, have a great, safe, healthy Movember. I would have grown mine but the world is not ready to see what my upper lip has to offer. I'm not ready to see what my upper lip has to offer. But I'm with you guys in spirit.

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