Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"Did anyone cry today?"

Ever since my kids started school, I've been asking them this question. Here's why:

I learned long ago in ECE training, that when you ask a kid "What did you do today?", the answer almost always will be "Nothing." There's nothing more frustrating than that reply because you'll invariably hear from the teacher that your Little Precious had the most incredible day on the field trip to the airport where an air traffic controller took ill, and your kid had to talk down a fully loaded 747 based only on the flight training he received after too many hours playing fight simulator video games.

But I digress.

Every day I ask the kids several weird and pointed questions in order to make them open up about their school day. Here they are in no particular order:

Did anyone cry today? Dish!
Did the teacher get mad at anyone? Who?
Who made you laugh today? Why?
What was the best outfit you saw? The weirdest?
Did you hear music? When?
Any teen angst? Drama?  (the life event not the class)

Nearly every day I ask those questions and nearly every day I get some really lively dinner conversation. And that's my mum tip of the day.

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