Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eight things you don't know about me

Oh Facebook.  All I did was like a friend's post of 12 things I didn't know about her, and then she posted me a number and here we are. Two things go through my mind when faced with things like this. The first is "why waste this blog post gold on a  Facebook status?" and "what don't you already know that I haven't told you in 7 years?" This may be harder than I think.

  1. I knee-jerkingly say I hate country music. I don't. In fact there's a surprising amount on my iPod. I love that new stuff, but I'm also partial to Patsy Cline. I know. right?  
  2. I hate cooking more than I hate cleaning the toilet.
  3. I hate when the phone rings. If I lived alone I'd never even look at the display let alone answer it.
  4. More than anything, the thing I'd most like to change about my body is my shoe size. On what planet is a size 9 foot on a 5'2" person? Failing that, I'd like to grow 5 inches.
  5. I worry that if there's a need for it, I couldn't shovel dig a usable hole.
  6. I just bought Justin Timberlake tickets. Hey, it's supposed to be things you didn't know about me. There was no mention of emotional depth. I bought two tickets for that boy's concert this afternoon.
  7. If left to my own devices I could watch tv uninterrupted from the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I fell asleep at night without being bored. Someday I want to do exactly that.
  8. I lie when I say that someday I want to grow out my hair. I never want to.
There's my eight. It only took me 90 minutes and they're pretty lame. If you really want to know some dishy stuff about me, the archives are on the right. Enjoy.


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