Monday, March 29, 2010

Tooth Fairy question

Last week I was going through an old diary looking for information on my cat. For your information I found out he's 12 years old. Anyway, I love looking at my old journals. They're full of pithy insights and thought-provoking statements. There is no sign of insane ramblings or ridiculous jabberings. None at all. That having been said, please let me show you what I wrote on Wednesday 22 January, 2003:

"I just played Tooth Fairy again. I love having kids! I left a toonie under Elliott's pillow. The problem is the teeth because I have 4 now in my jewellry box. How long do I keep them? What do I do with them? I feel like a strangeoid saving teeth. Maybe a craft project? Two alliterative words: Macabre maracas."

That was 2003. Today my jewellry box is heaving with 33 teeth. I used to make an effort to separate them, keeping track of whose teeth were whose but now they're all mixed together in a spooky New Orleans voodoo curse kinda pile. So my question still stands: What do I do with them? Am I really expected to throw them out?

Oh, and before you freak out and mention that Audrey will read this, I went into my Facebook settings and blocked her from seeing anything I post. So I'm back to swearing in my status updates. Okay, I never swore in my status updates.

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