Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well this should be interesting...

I just set a timer for 5 minutes. I've decided to try to write a blog in that time. Why? Because I don't feel like blogging and because I made a commitment 4 years ago so I'm doing it. What am I going to write about in 5 minutes? Will I go back and correct mistakes? The answers are: nothing and yes. I'm not counting mistake correction or photo searching in the 5 minutes.

So is my time up yet? No? Geez, it's going by slowly. And you are getting a fantastic blog for your patience. Aren't you? Okay, let's do a stream-of-conciousness thing... let's see:

  • "Cake Boss" is on tv
  • The kids are in bed
  • Scott is at hockey
  • I'm worried that I should be working on my daycare contracts (I'll explain when I have more time)

there goes the timer.

That sucked, eh? Almost as bad as my haiku "poetry". Hey, I'll have to write one of those for you guys next time I'm too tired to blog. Oops, I'm going over...

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