Monday, March 22, 2010

Karen Fun Fact

I rarely turn off the tv.

I turn on the tv at about 9 in the morning and it goes off at about 11:30pm but I actually sit down and watch only 2 shows per day (before prime time, that is); Maury and All My Children. As for the rest of the day, I listen as I go about my day cooking, cleaning and laundering. The other day the power went out and I was completely freaked even though it was daytime. The house was way too quiet. It's so completely silent when the power is out. You don't even realise how much noise a refrigerator makes until it doesn't.

But back to the tv. Some parents limit the amount that their kids watch but I never do. Because that would mean limiting the time the tv is on in general, thus punishing me. Besides, taking away the tv makes it more attractive, right? I very often find the tv in the kids' playroom off and them playing a board game.

So that's today's Karen Fun Fact. We have 4 tvs in the house but incidentally none in the master bedroom. That would totally turn me into a bedsore riddled 400lb shut-in. And no one wants to deal with that.

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