Thursday, March 4, 2010

How cool!

Okay, check out this song by Orianthi. If you want to cut straight to what I want to talk about today, go to 2:12. Actually, you may want to do this anyway since the song is pretty mundane teen pop grrrl power nonsense. Something that Miley, Ashley, Lindsay or Demi would squeak. Can you tell I have a preteen girl?

So this is a pretty recent song but at 2:12 it kicks it old school. There is a... wait for it... guitar solo. How cool! I didn't even realise until I heard this song on the radio that they had even stopped doing guitar solos in songs. So although the song itself leaves something to be desired, the 80s era guitar solo makes me really like it.

And just for clarity (and added coolness in my eyes), this little girl is actually playing the solo herself. Colour me impressed.

(PS: A heads up for those reading on Facebook, please click on "view original post" and you'll see the video. Actually, if you do that everyday you'll get counted in my daily reader tally and make me very happy. And blogger isn't blocked by most workplaces so you can read my blog while you are supposed to be collating or whatever it is you do.)
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