Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The longer I'm online,

the carefuller (Yes, it's a word. I typed it, didn't I?) I have to be.

When I first started this blog I talked about everything and anything I wanted. I swore quite a bit and was extremely opinionated. Check some of the old ones from 2006/07 if you don't believe me. I was clever but that was waaaay back when I had 5 to 10 readers a day.

As of yesterday's blog (you know the crappy one I literally did in 5 minutes) I now have on average over 70 readers a day. I feel like Perez Hilton some days. These readers include friends, former colleagues, old bosses, my husband, some (surprisingly few, actually) family and, also as of yesterday, my little girl.

This blog is automatically linked to Twitter, Google Buzz and Facebook where I'm now Audrey's "friend". For the last few years I've become keenly aware of my vast readership so I've been checking myself a bit when it comes to posting. Being a little more politically correct, watching my language and generally behaving myself. But now there's something a little different at work here. My baby girl, the one I gave life to, the one in whom I'm trying to instil a sense of right and wrong and values, the one who doesn't quite yet have the ability to know when one is being sarcastic or exaggerating (especially in writing) has access to my blog. So people, I hope you like vanilla and the exotic seasonings of salt and pepper.

Okay, you know that's not going to last very long, don't you? Looks like another "teaching moment" is on the horizon...


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