Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mabel by the numbers

In honour of my mother's birthday today, I'm going to go through her life by the numbers:

  • 74: How old she would have been today
  • 61: How old she was when she died
  • 7: the number of her brothers and sisters: Jemmie, Charles, Bernice, Maud, Henry, ummm... dammit.
  • 1: number of times I saw her skipping rope
  • 104 (at least): number of times I went to her first to calm the waters before broaching something with my dad
  • 10: number of dagger-like, perfectly manicured fingernails she always had
  • 2: number of times (to my knowledge) she lied to my father's face to save my ass
  • 15: number of years we've endured without her
A sidebar that I thought would be relevant for this post: Last week Audrey just out of the blue mentioned that when she's in a bad mood, she goes to our spare room where there is a nice painting of my mum and talks to it. They've never met. I love that she does that.

I'm thinking of you mum... and by the way, I found out that "jo" is a real and valid Scrabble word. So I apologise for all the ribbing I always gave you and I concede. You win.

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