Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does anyone smell that?

A lot of you know that we got a new-to-us car a few weeks ago. When we cleaned out the old van for trade-in, we took out a lot of used kleenex, drink cups, crumpled pieces of paper, assorted detritus and 2.5 kilos of ground beef with a "packed on" date of September 2009. Wait. What?

I blame those new fangled cloth environmental bags. The old plastic bags used to crackle and looked out of place in the back of a trunk. Nowadays I have to keep the cloth bags in the car at all times because I'll forget them at home. So obviously when I came home from Costco that fateful fall day and put the meat bag in the back, it blended in with the probably 20 other empty cloth bags back there, mummy-brain kicked in and voila. A perfect storm.

It was September so it never really got stinking (pun intended) hot again. The meat never went septic. Then winter came and the beef just froze and thawed over and over until we found it. It was in a state of defrost under the back seat and leaking... let's call it red juice... when Scott discovered the bag. I'm just super thankful that we didn't decide to get rid of the car in July.


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