Sunday, March 7, 2010


I just want to clarify that yesterday's blog was a tragic accident. As you know I only blog during the week and I post date them to come out Monday through Friday. Obviously I slept through grade 2, as a result, misread the calendar and put the wrong date on yesterday's blog which should have been out on Tuesday (tomorrow's is an as yet unwritten Oscar blog).

So lucky for you, counting this one, you got 7 blogs this week. Wow, people, go out and play a lotto ticket or something because this just doesn't happen. Hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow and be sure to watch the Oscars tonight. I know I will. The champagne is chilling as I type. That being said, the blog will more than likely be late tomorrow. I think I'm allergic to alcohol. Everytime I drink it I wake up fuzzy-headed and with a raging headache. What's up with that?

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