Friday, March 12, 2010

One habit of a highly ineffective person

When someone new comes over to your place, do you give them a tour of your house or just let them hang out with you?

My mother always gave people the tour so I'm always thrown when I don't get one. Then I realize that maybe it's just another one of those weird West Indian habits that "normal" people don't do like eating the kiwi skin, covering the furniture with plastic or never wearing shoes indoors.

The other day I went to a new neighbour's house. She was very kind and gracious (2 cups of tea and my favourite cookies) but she never showed me around. No problem, but because I grew up that way, do I show her around my place when I finally reciprocate? I'm so stressed about this. I just want to be a regular person but my West Indian crazy mask always seems to poke past my Karen face.

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