Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bus apartheid

Okay, it's not as bad as all that but I have to find a way to get these blogs read, don't I?

So yesterday on the bus I was checking out the posted ads. Riding the bus can be a humbling experience as evinced by my recent (and only ever) panic attack. Getting a seat helps as does reading the ads. It's interesting to see the adverts on the inside of the bus versus the outside where people can see them from their nice, comfy, roomy, odour free cars. See, people taking the bus aren't environmental warriors trying to save the world one carbon offset kilometre at a time or cheapies who can't afford to gas up their Hummers. Nope. Bus riders are stupid, broke, suicidal, non-English speaking, fat, pregnant people who are being abused by their spouses. Don't believe me? Check out the ads inside the bus:

Career counselling
New Canadian English/French classes
A student fee protest
Educational upgrade
Weight-loss clinic
Health care clinic
An out-of-town university
A local college
An abuse/pregnancy/teen suicide hotline

Because I was riding the bus I couldn't see my own bus' outside ads but the ads outside of others we passed today were for:

Radio stations (one even claimed something good is playing right now!)
National Arts Centre shows (they house our local symphony and any operas that happen to be kicking around)
Political messages
Fur coats (!)

This tells me that drivers (and to a lesser extent, I guess pedestrians) are smart, worldly, a little snobby and rich. Very, very, fur-wearingly, rich.

Huh. You know, being on both sides of the public transportation fence, that's pretty close to the truth. And just for the record, I'm driving to work later.

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