Monday, November 24, 2008


I learned something new this weekend and that's what FOOSH stands for. Fall On OutStretched Hand. Yup, after over 12 years of being a mother, I finally know about FOOSH firsthand (no pun intended). Henry broke his arm.

He did it at hockey and thankfully I wasn't there. I'd have been both useless and screamy. Maybe a little nauseous. Scott and Henry spent the best part of Saturday at the children's hospital watching Shrek. Ten hours in emergency is pretty good, actually. Say what you want about the Canadian health system but all this was free. Everything but his prescription which is half paid for by Scott's insurance.

Anyway, he's got a cast from above the elbow to his hand. He's taking it pretty well except for learning he couldn't go swimming with his class Monday. I keep asking and he keeps telling me he's fine. Now onto the practical things like peeing. Looks like he's going to have to wear track pants for a while. Yay! I can get a shopping trip over this. See? In the end, everything is about me.

PS: What did I end up writing on his cast you ask?

"Hockey Lessons: $600
Hockey Equipment: $300
A broken arm to show your friends: Priceless
Love, Mummy"
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