Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm not a adult. Don't believe me? Just check out my mugs.

I got married on a cool rainy day in May, 16 years ago. Fun day but there are lots of things I regret. Like choosing May instead of August. Brrrr. Like not having an official photographer. Or dj. But mostly I wish I had a wedding registry. The gifts I got were lovely, don't get me wrong. Picture frames, facecloths, serving platters, the ever popular cash... But I didn't get (and still don't have) a set of dishes that didn't come out of a box from either Walmart or Zellers.

I'd love to have a china pattern that I chose myself. Something that I could unashamedly use for company. When Scott's mum died we got some of her china. It's pretty but I didn't choose it and it's incomplete and some pieces are chipped. And no mugs. Or teacups for that matter. I'd love it if when my friends come over for tea we could both use the same style of mug. Or even grown-uppier, teacups. Yes, I said "grown-uppier". Feel free to use it. Just mention where you heard it first.

What I have now is:

-3 dollar store mugs with snowmen on them (horrible to use in June),
-a politician ad mug,
-a Canadian tourist mug,
-1 plain mug,
-2 customised mugs from one of those kioks (from my brother),
-1 mug with horses on it,
-1 with a ladybug on it,
-a little blue polka dotted mug,
-a giant soup mug,
-a mug I won in a trivia contest with a radio dj (I crushed Rush!),
-a "World's Best Dad" mug,
-a Chicken Farmers of Canada mug,
-a mug that Audrey painted creatively.

I count 16 mismatched mugs. I don't know. I think it's time to grow up. So where does one shop for new classy mugs? And what do I do with the old ones?

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