Monday, November 17, 2008

Skin tags? Well, this is an all new kind of nasty.

Well it looks like I've crossed over. Into the where-did-this-strand-of-hair-come-from? world of ickyness.

I found 2 skin tags on my right shoulder. They're not big (only about the size of a pinpoint) and you wouldn't see them unless I pointed them out. But I know they're there. I can feel them. My mother had tons of them all over her upper body. Hers were bigger than mine (pinhead sized) but not huge but they were all kinds of gross. Soggy, flabby, weird little blobs of skin. So is this it for me? Am I going to be the crazy old skin tag lady? At least they're not on my face like some of the ones I saw when I googled "skin tags". Brrrr.

And the home remedies are so appetising. Let's see... I can yank them off, freeze them off or tie a thread around them and suffocate them until they fall off. Sounds like three medieval ways the British government got you to pay your taxes. I'm virtually rubbing my hands together trying to choose. At least they're way too small right now to make a decision. Maybe by the time they grow there'll be some kind of Compound W type stuff I can dab on it. Please?

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