Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sometimes I have nothing to say

Actually it's more like I have nothing to write and yes, I know you are absolutely flummoxed by that statement but it's true.

In the past I have reprinted recipes I love, used old exerpts from my 1989 diary (horror show)or just yammered on (and on) about how I have nothing to say. Excruciating.

Well, now I have a saviour. It's called "One Minute Writer". How cool is this? There's a timer on her page, she gives you a topic and you write what you can about the subject for a solid minute. I love this. What I love most is the idea that I just get to trail off mid-sentence when I'm done. Well, I probably won't do that but you get the idea. Okay maybe I will do it. You know, just once for comedic effect.

So stay tuned for a bizarrely short blog that ends either abruptly or just trails off. It should be interesting. I wonder what kind of trouble I can get up to in a mere minute?

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