Friday, November 21, 2008

Ever wonder why this blog is called Kaye Way?

Well, as you all know I'm pretty self involved. You may not have noticed since I hide it pretty well. Anyhoo, as part of that particular character flaw, I like things around me that have my name and or initials on it. My own body included: all of my 4 tattoos have something to do with me personally.

My blog on Myspace was called Karenworld. Because it's my world and you all live in it. When I moved here to Blogger, I didn't want to bring over the name so I wracked my tiny brain trying to come up with something clever. I thought of my last name and it came to me. Remember those cheesy old jackets from the 80's? Everyone had a K-Way. Mine was red. So I thought I'd be slick, change the name around and voila! The Kaye Way was born. Please enjoy your stay. And remember to keep you hands and feet inside the vehicle.

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