Monday, November 3, 2008

DST is for the birds

The time change truly blows. It's not so much that we are moving the clocks back and forth twice a year as the fact that I have sixteen clocks in and around my house to mess with. Yes, I counted. It's not too bad in the spring when they go forward but in the fall when they go back it's a massive pain in the ass. Because all but 4 of my clocks are digital. Three of the analogue clocks are fine since they're cheapies but one is just as much a pain as the digitals since it's a grandmother thingie that chimes every half hour. You can't just mess with the hour hand since it messes up the bongs so I usually just stop the thing until the world arrives at the time it's just waiting for. That old Chinese proverb comes to mind that "even a broken clock is right twice a day".

Why are we still doing this anyway? I was under the impression that it started because of some farmers needing daylight to do their work. Last time I checked, farming methods are pretty modern so why are city dwellers and suburbanites having to mess up their lives spending time doing this stupid task? It's like the American constitution defending modern gun owners who just want to shoot the guy who cuts them off on traffic or pick off people with a semi at their dead end job when really the allowance for guns was put there so people could defend their jobs and livelihoods from bozos who would steal from them. So why are we still messing with time?

And not even the whole world does it. So why hang onto this irritating custom? I say let's follow the lead of Saskatchewan and just forget the whole thing.

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