Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wanna know what I like to listen to?

Here's something I don't really want to admit. Thank you blog gods for not blessing me with any semblance of wit today.

I was juicing up my iPod when I noticed some previously ignored numbers beside the song titles. Some had none and some had as much as 5. Neat. What's it all mean? I found out as I scrolled to the top that the numbers are how many times a specific song has been played. Bob Marley? 6. Coldplay? 2. Abba? 0. Brand New Day from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? 76. Huh? Oh boy. My shame has come home to roost.

Seriously, it's all I play. In fact, I have it on repeat so it loops and plays over and over. In fact, between the Dr. H soundtrack and the HSM3 soundtrack (that I downloaded Friday) on a playlist I creatively call "Over and Over", I have only 27 songs I play on an mp3 that has a capacity of over 600 songs. Shameful. Wait. You know what? I'm not ashamed. I love what I love and that's that. I'm a 41 year old woman. I'm too old to waste time on shame.

So there you have it. My *ahem* pride on a plate.

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