Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just a quick one on Barack.

Nothing political, just something that's been irritating me. Barack has a black father and a white mother. Sort of the same as my kids with me as their mum and their dad who is White. We go to great pains to stress to our kids that they are neither Black nor White but "mixed". To say that they are one or the other is insulting to one parent. Of course they have Black and White backgrounds but they themselves are something else entirely, aren't they?

Yes, I'm aware that if someone has Black blood it's usually pretty obvious but minimising the other race just hurts. My kids are really fair and once when I was talking to Henry (actually, about Obama), he exclaimed holding out his arm "But I'm not Black!" as if it was a bad thing. Ouch. I tried to explain that he is both Black AND White but he didn't seem to get it.

So I know it's mostly me but if people could just remember that Barack is both races and maybe say that he has a Black background (and don't forget he's also White), that'd be great. Vent over.

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