Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is this wrong?

One of the many (many) things I like about Blogger is that I can add little fun things to customise my blog. My latest add is a comment thingie at the end of each blog with the choices "funny" "interesting" and "cool". I can change those at any time, too. Suggestions? Anyway, I've been waiting a couple of days for someone to use it (it's super easy... no windows open, it just registers the tick) then got impatient and decided to just go ahead and do it myself. So as you can see, I like all the posts on the front page. They're mostly funny and interesting. I'll have to work on cool. So, was that wrong?

I also like the fact that I'm writing this blog on the 10th November at about 4:40 but I can date the blog ahead in time and it'll post without me even logging on in the morning. You may have noticed that I post at around the same time almost every morning. That's because I cheat. Hee.

And while I have your attention, I have to mention that I moved my "followers" box. I called it "My Peeps". My entourage is up to 5 right now. I put it nice and high so that when you decide to become one of My Peeps, you'll see your lovely face right near mine. Provided you have a Blogger account with a photo, that is. Magic.

So now that I'm in love with Blogger, I ask that you indulge me. If you are reading this today, please scroll to the bottom of this post and show me some love. You don't have to comment (but that's super cool too so feel free) but just tick a damn box, willya? And become a Peep (sounds like a Gladys Knight backing band) while you're at it. You know you want to.

PS: To be fair, I should mention the only thing I don't like on here. I'd love to be able to keep track of how many people check out my insane ramblings every day. For instance I just checked out Myspace and I had 20 hits today (the 10th that is) and 45in all this week. Love that. Come on, Blogger, do that one. Don't be afraid to be perfect.
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