Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No time this morning

So here I am this afternoon. Hi!

I love myself. I often think how glad I am that I'm not shy anymore. Case in point:

I took the bus to work today. Not too bad in the morning but in the afternoon it's horrible. Crowded, stuffy and everyone (including the bus driver) has an attitude. Standing up yesterday someone stepped on my foot 3 times. He apologised each time but it still hurt like hell. Where the holy hell are people going at 2:30 in the blessed afternoon? And that was before the actual panic attack. My first one ever.

Anyway, on my way out the door at work, I ran into Tara who was leaving as well. She works at another store and I don't know her very well. But we really click and are a lot alike (she's been married the same number of years I've been and has 3 kids same sexes and ages as mine). On a whim I asked her where she lived and lucky for me she named a town just past mine. Naturally I asked her to drive me home.

I'm so glad I'm not shy anymore. I just realized that the worst she could say was no. And I was planning to take the bus home anyway. Hopefully avoiding the panic attack that invariably happens after 10 minutes of being daintily mashed into a stranger's armpit. But I avoided all that by asserting myself. Yup, no sucky public transit for this bold girl. And no screaming or gabbling irrationally up and down the bus aisle. Good news for everyone involved.

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