Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Slim pickings

And I'm not talking about not having a blog idea. Well, not, really.

I was watching tv last night when an ad for toilet paper came on. Now I'm not really picky about that stuff. I mean you literally wipe you butt with it and flush it away. It's like garbage bags. You buy them to throw them away. Drives me nuts.

Anyway, I don't care about the quality of toilet paper. I could care less if it's soft/strong/absorbent/whatever. I just don't want that kind of paper that we had in high school that was actually like paper. It came in little separate squares out of something like a napkin dispenser in a restaurant. Remember those? Truly awful.

This ad was about the tp not leaving "pieces behind". Ummm, who cares? Does this really concern people? I'd worry if I had a trail of paper under my heel or tucked in my granny panties but what do I care if little pieces of toilet paper are stuck to my ass? At least it's clean.

That's what I hate most about advertising. When companies make up a problem that only their product can solve. Really? The only face creme that works on my nose warts is the only one by CoverGirl? The new one for $40 a tube and contains Burnwartrisil? I'm in, baby. Sigh.

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