Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello? Mrs. Kaye?

I'm a sucker. Gullible. I freely admit it. When I get a telephone call or visit to my door, I can't say no. I often just give them money so I won't hurt feelings and so I'll be able to shut the door or hang up the phone. Cookies, calendars, jump-rope-a-thons, Jehovah's Witnesses... they're all fair game to me. Thank goodness I don't live in the era of encyclopedia or vacuum cleaner salesmen.

So now finally and thankfully Canada now has a National Do Not Call List. I won't get harassed and intimidated by these people ever again. Right? Well, not really. See my problem is with the list of exemptions. Because honestly, 90% of the calls that I get are from the people and organisations on this list.

Newspapers, charities, political parties and people you've done business with before. Great.

So I won't get called by the time share people or the ones that tell me I have to call a certain 1-900 number in 30 minutes to claim the trip to Cancun that I won. Those I can resist. But I'll still get the please subscribe to the now less boring Globe and Mail, Harvest House calendar send a poor kid to the circus cash grabs that I always fall for. What's the use then?

Thank goodness for call display. That service is a way better deal for me. And when they have a "Do Not Knock On The Door" list for those damned Girl Guides and lawn care "specialists", let me know.

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