Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend fun

On the weekend I got to do all my favourite things and also try some new things too.

I got to spend some time alone (while the boys went to hockey), I got to shop (groceries but it still counts), I got to bake (a batch of sugar cookies), I got to visit my awesome sister-in-law, I got to pick apples (at SIL's orchard), I got to eat way too many apple cider doughnuts (at the aforementioned orchard), I got to dragonboat, I got to try paddling a canoe (hated it), an outrigger (SO cool), I got to catch a big frog (slimy) and watch Dr. Horrible (naturally).

Of course during all that I forgot to go to a good friend's birthday party. Just plain forgot. I didn't even have that glimmer of "aren't I supposed to be somewhere right now?". It wasn't until I got an email from her the following day asking what happened to me that I clued in. D'uh. So sorry Lisa! Hope you had a fun day. Sigh.

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