Thursday, September 11, 2008

You know what Dr. Horrible needs?

Besides me to stop obsessing (never happen) and some better PR in Canada? (How fed up am I when I mention it to a fellow hockey mum and I get a blank look? I'm guessing that middle aged mothers aren't the target audience)... A Black chick. Someone older and more mature with supermum powers and a winning smile. I dunno, say, someone like me. I'm just saying.

So I've had the iTunes version of Dr. H since it was made available in July (after seeing the free version online in it's entirety 3 times). It's on my iPod and burned onto a CD but I don't know how to make it play on my tv. No problem, I can play it on any computer.

I bought the music only soundtrack on the September 2nd and have listened to it on a constant loop on my iPod since then. 514 songs? Bah. I only need 14. It sure beats finding all the songs on YouTube when I get the urge. Absolutely love it.

Things from the show I like to say IRL:
1. "What a crazy, random happenstance!"
2. "It's curtains for you. Lacy, gently wafting curtains"
3. "Life of crime." (In answer to the question "what's going on?")
4. "That's not a good sound."
5. "Balls!"

I love it. I can't live without it. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. And when I talk about it, all I want to do is watch it. To paraphrase: "a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do".

Bye. Guess what I'm going to do?


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