Monday, September 15, 2008

What I did this weekend

I baked a cake Friday for my friend Julie's daughter's birthday. Showed her Dr. Horrible on my computer. (I'm going to refer to Dr. Horrible in every blog this week. Why? Because I can do whatever I want. Nyah.). Also talked Dr. H to my friend Kathy in London. She's seen some of the songs but has yet to see the movie. She's doing herself a grave disservice. Get thee to iTunes, woman! Click on the link above and do yourself a favour...

I also won a silver medal (along with my team, I guess) in dragonboat. The Dunrobin Dames came in second just behind another team. They were... err, less than fair but the judges didn't see what they did. We did and we protested but lost. Our coaches were livid. Our eyes are on you girls. Watch yourselves next time.

So in case you've been keeping track, that's 4 medals for me this year. Two for dragonboat (bronze and silver) and participants medals for both the marathon and triathlon. I've been a busy woman this year. Now it's time to rest these old bones. After I take a Michael Phelps style photo of myself wearing all my bling, of course. Now where can I buy fake 6-pack abs?

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