Thursday, September 4, 2008

And I used to be so clever...

I've been busy over the past week. I've realized over the last year or so that MySpace is a very young place. It's populated with fools and (God smite me now) foreigners and I find it unsafe and, frankly, a little scary for someone my age. Oooh, too bright and spooky for Nana.

So I've been over at putting my old blogs starting from January 2006 onto that platform. When I'm all caught up, I'll stop blogging here at MySpace altogether. But don't worry, I'll still keep up a daily blog, just over there. It seems more grown up, mature and adult over there. I'll blog here every day as usual until I've put every one of my old blogs over there. Don't worry it'll probably take me until around Christmas so it'll give you lots of time to adjust to the big move. I'm only at about March 2007.

What I did notice is that when I started this blog thing way back when, I was much more clever than I am now. Go and see. I'll wait. Oh and don't worry about the links... most of them have long since died.

See? In my golden age of blogging I was smart, funny, inciteful... what the hell happened? Is is because you all know me and my stories now? Is it because you all bled me dry? Have I just gone stupid? All I know is I'm enjoying all my old blogs a lot more than I thought. It's like looking back at old photos and seeing how cute you really were.

Well, have fun over at Blogger and enjoy my glory days. I really do miss my smarter self.

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