Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Buh bye summer!

Well, back to school is in full swing. As I type this, Elliott's been gone 30 minutes, Audrey's eating breakfast and Henry's all ready to go. Well, as ready to go as having no school supplies will get them.

Because of our holiday and my inability to face the fact that they needed their stuff before the Labour Day holiday, I didn't manage to get anything off their lists. I did, however scrabble around in junk drawers and craft cupboards for at least one sheet of lined paper and a 2 inch stub eraser-less, chewed pencil for everyone. I swore and promised to get the kids what they needed tonight when I get home. What a mother.

Hey, at least I've cracked their schedules so that the fact that they're all 3 in different schools is a dawdle. Now leave me alone so I can take a shower, will ya?

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