Monday, September 8, 2008

So over the weekend

I spent lots of time doing laundry. And by doing laundry I mean washing and drying the first load, leaving the second load to ummm... "mellow" in the washer and dumping the first finished load onto my bed to sift through for wrinkled wearing at some point in the future. By bedtime that first load ends up back in a basket on my bedroom floor so Scott and I can sleep in the bed/laundry hopper.

But this weekend I tried something new. Taz, my cat loves to sleep in the newly washed clothes on my bed. He's an outside cat and I worry about fleas at worst and muddy paws at best. Sleeping on my clean clothes is something I hate most that my cat does (it ranks right up these with puking on my couch).

Anyway, back to my new innovation. Instead of putting away my clothes right away as a normal person would do, I found a bunch of metal hangers in my closet and arranged them artfully on top of the pile of laundry so the cat would find an inhospitable environment. What's that? Use the hangers you have in your hand to put away the clothes right in front of you? Why that would be too easy.

Well, I have to start my day. I've got a pile of clothes to sift through for undies. Happy Monday.

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