Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spending a lot of time on Blogger

I'm up to April of this year so the big move will be soon. For those of you who missed the last blog about it, I'm in the process of copying my older (and better) blogs from myspace and pasting them over at blogger. I feel more comfortable having them over there. Especially since I don't have them on my hard drive or anything. I decided that once I'm up to the present day I'd blog in both places for a couple of weeks then permanently move over there. So don't worry, I'm not leaving the blogosphere, just moving to better digs. I will miss knowing how many people read my blogs on a daily basis but seriously that's about it. In fact, not knowing how many people check me out on a daily basis may be freeing.

Anyway, as I said above, I've been spending a lot tof time over there. I discovered a button at the top that says "next blog". Well isn't that an interesting find? I get knitting blogs, blogs by teens and blogs that aren't even in English. How neat. I end up scrolling through that one a bunch of times a day. I find it neat to see what other people may find interesting. I wonder how many people have come across my blog that way. Do they check it out a little or just surf on by? I hope they stick around. I have so many fascinating things to say. Not.

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