Monday, September 1, 2008

Happiness is Marineland!

Well kids, we had a blast.

It started out with a speeding ticket so it could have taken a turn for the worst. To Scott's credit, he didn't let it wreck the weekend and we even laughed about it before we arrived at the hotel.

We got there and, frankly, it was cold. About 19C and misty. We thought it would put a damper on but again, we Kayes rallied. We checked out the Falls anyway and soaked up the family style decadence that is Niagara Falls. That place is cheesier than a havarti sandwich. We went to Lego Land (or Brick City... I guess there's a trademark on the name) and the Guinness World Record Museum. We also went to an arcade that reminded me of Noiseland from the Simpsons and ate at Boston Pizza.

The next day was also cool. It was one of those days that when the sun is out you roast but when it's behind a cloud you freeze. It also drizzled off and on. I have to say, it was perfect. It kept the crowds away so when it came to ride time we just wandered onto them with maybe one cycle to wait if we had to wait at all. Perfect. I've never just walked up to a ride and sat down before. Even at my neighbourhood fair. The shows were really entertaining and I fell in love with the belugas. Scott and Audrey got absolutely soaked by a killer whale and we had to go back to the hotel to change clothes. And they loved every second of it.

The next day we checked out and got one last look at the falls. It was super sunny that day and we laughed that Marineland would probably be crazy busy. Lucky for us we were leaving.

We got home that afternoon in pretty good time (after Scott locked the cruise control on 100kms/hr) and now we had almost all the weekend to recover. It was the perfect weekend although I have to say that I'm sorry we couldn't stop in and see my friend Chris. I should have known I wouldn't get to go. I brought the books I wanted to give his son. I was too confident. Oh well. Sorry Chris! I'll mail them out before Christmas...

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