Friday, June 9, 2006

Scott took today off

When he does, it throws off my day because it feels like a weekend. The great thing is that we can hang out and be a couple like we were before we had kids. That and we can get the groceries done before the weekend hits. Aaahh yes, the practical meets the romantic.

Yesterday Audrey was crying and I told Elliott they were just "crocodile tears". He, of course, asked me what that meant. I explained then thought how hard it must be for kids and foreigners to learn English. So many bizarre idioms. So many cockeyed spellings. It's a miracle any of us get good at it.

I love English. I always have. I love when it's written beautifully and when it's spoken or sung. I don't mind minor spelling mistakes and grammar goofs for the most part, especially in notes or blogs. And I find myself often making errors that would have gotten me in big trouble back in school. Like starting sentences the way I just did or ending them with prepositions on. But we're all friends here aren't we?

What drives me absolutely bonkers is intentionally bad spelling by advertisers and interneters. Every time I see the word "nite" I die a little inside. Is it so hard to throw the "gh" in there? And those IM spellings? Unless you're texting me, don't write "I'm running L8", you'll make me itch. I'll think you're trying out a new computer programme. I'm a nearly 40 year old woman. I'm easily confused.

Wel g2g. cyaL8r,

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